Mystery of life

Life is a big mystery and on the same time we pretend we know and understand a lot about it. Ask a scientist and they will tell you they know the truth when they have just got nuggets of the bigger truth that we will most likely never manage to see.

Socrates used to say that he knew only one thing, that he knew nothing!
And what a big truth that is.

We are born by accident which is not an accident. But as my parents use to remind me every now and then, my case was somehow an accident as my father was using a condom but the condom broke without being able to notice and that one out of millions spermatozoa that was later transformed into what I am right now managed to reach and penetrate my mother’s ovum resting in her uterus. Isn’t it this moment pure magic?
Is this really by accident or not? Are we born out of coincidence or there is something crazy enough for the average mind to perceive that manages all this? Which are the powers and the criteria that make the stronger spermatozoon reach the ovum? What is this power and where does it take its power and will this little creature to run towards it?

What is given, is that nowadays humans have managed to manipulate nature in a way. They manage to find the way to “inject” the spermatozoon into the ovum.
They can even select which one they want to insert. But from that time on very little can be done, although we have managed to monitor the whole process. But we still know very little about it.

And then we came to light and start to see the world here. We lived for many years being non conscious. And we still are not at all. However for sure we know a lot more than the humans that were living many centuries ago. Life evolves, as well as all the species. You can observe this, from the bacteria that change constantly their genes in order to survive to our own human species that is constantly changing its habits and believes.
It seems to me that it is a constant fight among all kind of lives in this world for survival. We try to do the best to stay here but little we know again about our future.
For example, little we know for the extinction of prehistoric mammals like Mammoths. We just assume, believing in theories.
In general, the human kind has been let’s say slave of its own theories. Somehow we are condemned to live like that.
Another assumption is that animals have no consciousness of their existence. But how can we be sure about it, since we don’t have the ability to be in their position?
And I am also sure that some of us have met people living with a bigger lack of consciousness than a dog or cat.
I also presumed once that I was able to see a dog being happy for being and acting as a dog and a cat being happy for being and acting as a cat and not giving a shit what a human thinks of them. Of course if I would ever be able to ask them if they are happy for behaving as a dog or cat, their reply would be something like this: “What the fuck human! What are you talking about? What does behaving like a cat or dog means?”

And the other day I remember of me wondering whether a human is happy for behaving as a human. But then I asked myself again what a human being is? And I wasn’t able to give an answer. We are a mammal for sure. But mammal is a word invented by humans. And ok, we share so many things with them. But then if you see each mammal separately they are all so different. They have even developed skills and managed to change their genes to adapt in an environment. And this is also magic. How a species is able to change its own genes? How could it be this possible? What is the power again that makes a living organism mutate? How is this mechanism enabled? Could we ever know about it? Of course there are many theories about it but still it seems crazy to me although it is not crazy. It looks like the drop of water that falls and take the shape of the container or gets absorbed by the soil or even evaporates. We are atoms who constantly change and either take shape or degrade. So, who decides what is the shape we take after all ? Which factors play important role in this interaction of atoms and material in general so that something forms shape? And why me right now am I thinking about this?
What made me write all this? I don’t even know. What I just remember is that I felt strange and the best thing I had to do is to start writing something. So maybe all this is an attempt to just feel better. If I feel better right now? Maybe.
Still, I know nothing I believe. But I will always search to learn more as long as this strange power keeps my shape as it is and makes me able to write down thoughts.
One thing I think I know. That today I am not the same person as the one yesterday. Everything changes. Nothing remains stagnant or permanent. Nothing! I think so at least.


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