Death – Father and mother of god

Today I have come to a conclusion after reading about Osho and his life.
Osho was a great philosopher and a highly spiritual person who was judged in his homeland, as it usually happens with people bringing free ideas and disrupt local societies and of course go against traditions and religions.
However, Osho’s acceptance by the Indian society has been great after his death. And that made me realise something I will explain below.
One might ask, why have I come to this conclusion after reading about Osho’s life. I don’t know. It could have happened on any other day and while reading the biography of any spirituous person whose work has been acknowledged post-portem.
Indian society is a very strict society in regards to traditions and beliefs. And exactly this intolerance for anything progressive or new is what had caused many women rapes, murders on the name of family pride and also the death of famous people who decided to go against the public opinion.

I personally believe that some people, through challenges they’ve been through their lives, either self assigned or by life itself, they reach a level, a spiritual level that is what freedom is all about. After fighting with people, ideas, beliefs, dogmas, political systems etc you can really get to see how trivial importance all these have when you reach the level of consciousness and realise what life is all about. Most people, when they reach this state, they try, out of excitement for their discovery, to pass this knowledge. I am still not sure and I might never be whether this process is a conscious or not process but for sure there is a reason why they feel it is essential to pass and share this knowledge which is a result of the combination of ones intellect and their life experience.

During the process of sharing this knowledge some will follow without a second thought, enchanted by the lyrical speech of the person.
Others might try to criticise and even try to hush them up, because their speech goes against their own benefits. Even these people, however, are aware of the importance of their speech. They silently recognise the greatness of their soul. But no matter what, in certain conditions they might even try to kill that person, sometimes for no personal reason, maybe because someone bribed them to do so. In other cases they will haunt them down and even expel them from their homeland for their progressive ideas. But out of a sudden, post-portem, they will be the biggest supporters of their speech. We have great examples in religions. People that lived at some point in the past and were heavily criticised when alive and later after-life were used as an idol to worship.

It seems to me that people cannot forgive the fact that one of them reached that point. That a human-like being reached a level that the average human mind couldn’t perceive. As long as the highly spirituous person is alive, people will never accept that they decided to not follow the path he or she took, the path of struggle. And that’s why most of these spiritual persons have a lonely life, with a very small circle of persons. Because people usually tend to see the surface which is the result, and not the struggle the person has gone through to get there.


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