They use to say a lot

I am a thinker, they say, and I can think better than you, just because I believe it and have 2-3 more people that do so.

I am an “activist”, they say, and the company I am promoting their “activism” pays me well for it.

I am a communist, they say, and I have a good position and a highly paid remuneration, living and being a privileged slave in a country that in the past colonised many poor countries and now can have a so-called high standard of living. And I feel I can promote the ideas of communism, no matter if I am living a life far from what I believe.
I am an influencer, they say, and all I do is to attract people around me so they can boost my ego and thus feel better.
I am a good mother, they say, and every time I can’t cope with my nerves, because I decided to live with a man I don’t like (well, I might hate all men actually but I feel I can’t express it because who am I to say such things and disrupt people?), I extinguish the fire inside me by beating my children , swearing, in general make them feel guilty for being there and reminding me of their father.
I am a good father, they say, and every time my woman doesn’t want to follow my sex drive I get furious. And if I decide to keep this for years then I want to rape my children, and if I don’t have, I will go to church and find some. Or maybe I can rape another woman. Who cares, that is what women are for, right? I could have sex with another man, but no, this is sick and I am a normal person.
I am a religious person, they say, and I like it. Every time I feel awful I pray and thus feel I am blessed and everything will get better. Of course the next day none of this remains and I can even commit a crime. At least, the altar in my house will be there and I would be able to ask forgiveness from my God. Also, when my husband or wife misbehaves I also pray this will stop and for an instance feel better hoping for a better future. Sometimes I do pray for my redemption. So that the end of my life comes fast and stop this suffering.
I am a professional, they say, and I wake up every day at 8am. I hate this but I still find rational doing it for 20 years. My body is awful and sore, it could be from sitting 8 hours per day on a chair, but at least I have my insurance and can go to hospital to get checked. That is why I am paying them for after all, right? But that doesn’t take away from me the 100kg of my body. I’ve tried many times to change my diet, but nought. And that boss, that awful woman who can’t stand  going back to her home. She doesn’t want to face her husband and son. I can hear her arguing all day long with her son. Poor ill-fated guy. What have you done to have such a mother, that the only relationship she ever formed with you was giving you pocket money to go out and don’t fuck with her nerves? Because she also hates waking up and going to the office, and every now and then she is inventing reasons for not coming in the office. At least she doesn’t argue with her husband. They just don’t speak and it’s better, I assume, for them. He is also a successful person they say. It makes sense. He must wear a tie and a suit right now. That is how successful people look like.

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