Thoughts of Þoð.
Þoð is not just a person. Þoð is a personality and a series of values represented by it. These three letters are how the name given to that person by his parents would be written in Icelandic using the first three letters of the name. In these three letters, two are only still present in Icelandic and Faroese language and it all comes from old english and germanic languages. This blog is an attempt of the author to pass these values through his work which is product of his own thoughts.

Personal details:
Born and raised in the outskirts of a city called Athens, region of Attica, bordering the Meditteranean Sea. The suburb, however, is located at the North and western part of the city and is located between two rivers, a quite big park which mostly looks like an urban forest and the land is flat. The suburb´s community along with the greek government saved its character and the buildings architecture (which derived from Asia Minor coast refugees) by implementing a law regulating new constructions, after the big 1999 earthquake which shook Athens. My childhood was full of free playing on the streets, with bicycles, open spaces, the presence of nature and for some reason I think this is important to mention here. The name of the suburb (which is a separate municipality) is Nea Philadelphia and took it’s name in memory of the city called Philadelphia in Asia Minor, due to the high number of refugees who arrived there during the greek-turkish war (1919-1922).
Since 2015 I have been living in Europe without having a permanent location and that part is what I call the life of my life.

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